Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reflection from Past Teacher

Thank you all for the wonderful day that you organised for the 40th Reunion. It was such a credit to the hard working team. The memorabilia was so well displayed and a lot of planning and research had been done for that.

Even the rain was very kind in holding off.

Geraldine & Fiona, I'm so grateful that you changed the day. I would not have wanted to miss coming back.

Judi, Linda, and Linda - you are so fortunate to be working in a lovely Kindy and there is such pride in the establishment.

Well done to all, and thank you all very much for a special day. I would like to keep in touch and hope I can see you from time to time.

Best wishes,

(The attached photo shows Kathryn on the right - who was a first day pupil, and on my left is Michelle and her daughter. Her parents were part of the original Committee (Secretary)

Heather was the Kindy's original Teacher.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Willmore Kindergarten 40th Birthday Celebrations


The rain stayed away just long enough for us to have our fantastic 40th Birthday celebrations, and what a celebration it was. We had an amazing turn out of people from original committee members and teachers to children who have attended, are attending and those who will join us in the coming years ahead.

There were photos to look at, stalls to browse through, cakes to drool over, sausages to eat . . . .
Stories to listen to, jumping castles to jump on, faces for painting and logos for colouring in . . . .

Previous Teachers and old friends to catch up with, and new friends to share the workload, speeches to hear, and memories to keep . . . .

And of course it wouldn't have been a party without CAKE !

A fantastic day with many people new and old at the kindy celebrating the community that evolves around Willmore. Thank you to everyone who came and shared our special day and we hope we can catch up again soon.

To all who organised, from the largest to the smallest details of the day congratulations on a wonderful job well done!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Our local wildlife

We had our friendly tree lopper in to the Kindy recently to work on some overhanging trees. However when he got up high enough to look at what needed to be done he found our Tawny Frogmouth sitting on some eggs in her nest.

Our Friend was displaced from her original nest after the November 2008 storms and it was so good to see that she has found a new tree to nest in not too far away.

Our tree lopper will now come back at a later date so as to not upset our new Mum and little one.

Fairy Garden Embellishment Project

We have received a grant from Telstra to work on completing our Fairy Garden and to fill it out a little with more plants and extra little surprises.

The work in progress as we pooled all our goodies together to create the new garden.

Some of the new additions include
  • New Plants including flowers, herbs, touchy feely plants and bird attracting plants
  • Bird Bath
  • New seat for in the Fairy Garden
  • New seats around top play area
  • Entrance Arch
  • Bamboo fencing
  • Lots of little trinkets including fairies, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, lizards and many more.
A big Thank you to Michael and Carolyn for all the work in applying for the Grant and getting the garden set up so well.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grandparents Day

Group B celebrated this special day by inviting grandparents or special friends to come to Willmore so the children can share what they do each day with them. The children bounded in full of uncontained enthusiasm just busting to share everything with their visitors. We began by singing some of our favourite songs including an Elvis song which one grandparent said to me, “ I felt like I was 16 again and didn’t want the music to end.”

A highlight was the funky monkey which involves forming a conga line. We invited the visitors to join in and they all did. The expressions on the faces of all participants is something we will treasure for many years to come.

Grandparents are such important people in young children’s lives and are able to share their own stories of times with their own children. It was wonderful to hear some of these stories as it is what makes us a community.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More experiments with light and shadow

Over the past few days, the children have been very engaged with some coloured glass bottles on the light table. They have explored the shapes of the bottles and discovered that the waves will fit together if the bottles are turned to the right direction. We have experimented with matching the coloured blocks to the different coloured bottles and filling the bottles with different things. To extend the children’s fine motor skills, this morning I placed the bottles on the table with baskets containing glass pebbles, small buttons and coloured beads. The challenge for the children was to use small tweezers to pick up these items to place in the bottles.

We continued to explore our interest in shadows by setting up a shadow puppet theatre using a lamp and a sheet. The children experimented with the different shapes and animals and also enjoyed putting themselves in the story using their little stand-up people.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Exploring Shadows

Last week... We read a new Gruffalo Story... “The Gruffalo’s child’. In the book, the mouse again scares the Gruffalo’s child with his clever tricks, this time using his shadow. This led to lots of interest in shadows so we set up our lamp on a small table to see if we could recreate the trick of making the mouse bigger. We will explore this further next week!

While we were outside in the sun today, I drew the children’s attention to their shadows on the ground. We experimented with making our shadows larger and smaller and tried to make scary shadows to scare away the ‘Gruffalo’. Can you guess whose shadows these are?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bunnings Fundraising BBQ

Some of our parents stepped out with style today as we rolled into Bunnings to cook up a storm for all the hungry shoppers who hadn't had enough sausages at the election booths.

With lots of smiles and enthusiasm we cooked and sold around 1100 sausages and drinks too. With some well earned funds now heading back to our kindy for the benefit of all of our Kids.
A big Thank you to Natasha and Melissa for all the hard preparation work you put into organising everything and still working today as well.
We also send a big thank you to Veena, Matt.A, Damon, Mel, Carolyn, Jenny, Lauren, Matt.F, Peter, Paul, Fiona, Russell, Linda, Emma, Angela and Geraldine without your commitment and help today we would not have had the success that we have.
Well done to you all.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Promotional stall at Kmart Ekka

We willed the rain to stay away as we set up down at Kmart this morning. With our goodie bag to give away we had some enquiries particularly about waiting lists. We hope everyone who now finds us here will know more about our awesome Kindy and all we have to offer.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Willmore Community to Grow!

Soon we will be extending our Willmore Family! Through August, enrolments will begin for 2011 with letters being sent to the first 40 children on our waiting list. Remember, to secure your placement, you must respond to this letter by contacting the Kindergarten and paying the $100 enrolment fee by 30th August. As families respond, we will continue to work our way down the list until all places are filled. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Friday, August 6, 2010

CSIRO visit to Group B

We were visited today by Kristy a scientist from CSIRO. Kristy began the session by talking to the children about what science is. She then did a light experiment, where she talked about how light is really all of the colours of the rainbow together but we can't distinguish the different colours with our vision. She gave us some special 3D glasses which when we looked at our fluro light in the room showed the colours that were really there. It was amazing!
She also talked to us about circuits and how the circuit needs to be complete for electricity to work. Kristy talked about how light switches complete a circuit which enables the light to be switched on and off.
We then broke into groups and tried other experiments set up around the room. We looked at magnetism, sight and sound, pressure, magnifying objects, fossils and balance.
It was a wonderful opportunity for us to learn how and why things work. We will continue to explore science together and look forward to sharing this learning with you.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Memories of a Mum

This Poem was delivered to Kindy today from a 2009 Mum who on seeing the article in the local paper was inspired to share her memories of her child's year at Willmore.

Fond memories of Willmore I would like to share,
It starts with Judi and Linda's kind, loving supportive care.

The year began with a little girl with a huge bag on her back,
Smiles from ear to ear when she saw home corner, craft and knick knacks.

I would drop her off to a second family I felt,
To see her have such a great time made my heart melt.

My favourite part was staying for the day
Then you realise, what a great place to play

There's star of the week and a poster is made
Then at lunch the star makes sure the table is laid.

The important job of ringing the bell
and standing up with your poster for show and tell.

There was a special day for family to come
the children so proud to have a picnic with Mum.

Then Dad's had a night at kindy too,
the children loved to show them what they do.

Grandparents also got their turn
what a wonderful place for their grandkids to learn.

Building Waterfalls was their learning guide,
A keepsake folder with all their memories inside.

Words can't express what the year meant to me,
The tears in our eyes at the end for all to see.

That this is a very special place in every kindy kids heart,
We take that with all of us as we part.

I am sure the 2009 families would agree
That this is the kindy where you want to be.

My little girl has now closed her folder
The year saw her grow taller, confident and bolder.

I'm sad to think it has all come to an end
but I have another precious little girl
I can't wait to send.

Tiarna's Mummy
Thanks for the Memories

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Being Swallowed by a Boa Constrictor

This week, we have had lots of reptile exhibits from the museum. The children have been sharing their knowledge of snakes and lizards and exploring camouflage. We learnt this new song today and tomorrow we will play a game where we all get 'swallowed by a boa constrictor'.

I’m being swallowed by a Boa Constrictor
I’m being swallowed by a Boa Constrictor
I’m being swallowed by a Boa Constrictor
And I don’t like it very much
Oh no, oh no, he swallowed my toe, he swallowed my toe
Oh gee, oh gee, he’s up to my knee, he’s up to my knee
Oh my, oh my, he’s up to my thigh, he’s up to my thigh
Oh fiddle, oh fiddle, he’s up to my middle, he’s up to my
Oh heck, oh heck, he’s up to my neck, he’s up to my neck
Oh dread, oh dread, he’s swallowed my....GULP


This is the story J chose for us to read today today. The children were very engaged with the story and we shared lots of knowledge and ideas about all of the emergency vehicles in te book. There was a lot of interest in the fire fighting areoplane and the children had many ineresting theories about how they get the water into the areoplane and it let out again. Later, we used the internet to fing a helicopter that also fights fires.

Following the story, some of the children chose to draw their own rescue vehicles.

Friday, July 23, 2010

We're in the News!

Read the articles from the Hills Echo and the North West News under the Upcoming Events tab at the top of the page.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome back to term 3!

This month. a beautiful set of coloured blocks have been purchased. These blocks are in 4 different lengths and promote early maths concepts such as comparing, fractions and measurements as well as being a great addition to our resources in block corner.

Have you visited the Fairy Garden recently? There are amazing surprises at every turn. We have recently applied for a grant to work on finishing this project off and will find out in August if this has been successful. Here is a glimpse of just as few parts of our Fairy garden.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

40th Anniversary Celebration & Open Day

Saturday 9th October 2010
10.00am - 2.00pm

This is shaping up to being a wonderful event for our Kindy. Please mark it into your diary now.

Our Kindy will be open for visitors to have a look around at all the wonderful things the children have to explore at Willmore, we will have market stalls where some early Christmas shopping can be done, A sausage sizzle for lunch and lots of fun for everyone.

Our presentation will be at 11.30am.

Spread the word and bring family and friends to share in this great day. We hope to see you there.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Belonging. . .

At inside time, it was great to see the children reflecting and remembering earlier learning experiences as they shared their portfolios together. B and A wanted to look at the other children’s portfolios also. We talked together about this and decided that it was important to ask the other child’s permission first before looking in their book. J, B and A were engaged with this experience, sharing their books together.

We share reciprocal, respectful and satisfying social interactions and relationships when we treat others with dignity, consideration and regard. Enlarging Pg 74 (Building Waterfalls)