Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Memories of a Mum

This Poem was delivered to Kindy today from a 2009 Mum who on seeing the article in the local paper was inspired to share her memories of her child's year at Willmore.

Fond memories of Willmore I would like to share,
It starts with Judi and Linda's kind, loving supportive care.

The year began with a little girl with a huge bag on her back,
Smiles from ear to ear when she saw home corner, craft and knick knacks.

I would drop her off to a second family I felt,
To see her have such a great time made my heart melt.

My favourite part was staying for the day
Then you realise, what a great place to play

There's star of the week and a poster is made
Then at lunch the star makes sure the table is laid.

The important job of ringing the bell
and standing up with your poster for show and tell.

There was a special day for family to come
the children so proud to have a picnic with Mum.

Then Dad's had a night at kindy too,
the children loved to show them what they do.

Grandparents also got their turn
what a wonderful place for their grandkids to learn.

Building Waterfalls was their learning guide,
A keepsake folder with all their memories inside.

Words can't express what the year meant to me,
The tears in our eyes at the end for all to see.

That this is a very special place in every kindy kids heart,
We take that with all of us as we part.

I am sure the 2009 families would agree
That this is the kindy where you want to be.

My little girl has now closed her folder
The year saw her grow taller, confident and bolder.

I'm sad to think it has all come to an end
but I have another precious little girl
I can't wait to send.

Tiarna's Mummy
Thanks for the Memories

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  1. What great memories and praise for your school.