Friday, August 6, 2010

CSIRO visit to Group B

We were visited today by Kristy a scientist from CSIRO. Kristy began the session by talking to the children about what science is. She then did a light experiment, where she talked about how light is really all of the colours of the rainbow together but we can't distinguish the different colours with our vision. She gave us some special 3D glasses which when we looked at our fluro light in the room showed the colours that were really there. It was amazing!
She also talked to us about circuits and how the circuit needs to be complete for electricity to work. Kristy talked about how light switches complete a circuit which enables the light to be switched on and off.
We then broke into groups and tried other experiments set up around the room. We looked at magnetism, sight and sound, pressure, magnifying objects, fossils and balance.
It was a wonderful opportunity for us to learn how and why things work. We will continue to explore science together and look forward to sharing this learning with you.

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