Friday, March 22, 2013

A new year at Willmore

It’s been a little while since our Willmore blog has been updated – and our beautiful kindy has had lots of spaces renovated and updated too! 

In 2012, the fairy garden What-A-Mulla-Balumbeer (Hello and Welcome to the Place of Butterflies) was created, a collaboration between our very imaginative children, hardworking parents, and always-visionary staff. The project has added a series of secret, magical play spaces for the children, and features a wishing well, fairies, toadstools, hand-drawn butterflies, and many small, special things hidden in amongst leaves and branches. 

In 2013, new friends explore our kindy; indoor spaces are light-filled and brimming with possibility - small hands and big imaginations build cities, fly planes, and test out new technologies…

…and together, in the warm autumn sunshine, friends learn about music, rhythm, sharing and collaboration.

Young creatives sculpt, draw, construct and create the beautiful and inventive things that adorn our room –

Slowly, we get to know one another. And together, we grow in this wonderful, imaginative place. I wonder what kind of adventures we’ll get up to this year?


  1. Well Done! It is great to be able to see all the new and exciting things that have come together at Willmore. I will look forward to seeing lots more in the future.

  2. It's looks wonderful, My son is excited about coming to Willmore in 2014 :-)