Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bubbles are a tricky business…

Tuesday morning saw the kids experiment with bubbles in their morning play, after an idea for a bubble party was imagined by one of the very clever Group A children. So, in the morning shade of the playground, various bubble making points were established, and everyone had a wonderful time creating and blowing, popping and catching. 

Some children discovered that the more that bubbles were whisked in the water trough, the more they created – which resulted in some fast and furious beating in the water, making mounds of glassy, rainbow reflected bubbles. They also discussed pace – does whisking slower make just as much bubbles as whisking fast? 

A bubble station was also set up, with little pots of mixture, and different shaped wands to dunk in. Herein lies the tricky part: sometimes, blowing gently did nothing; and blowing fast made the thin almost-bubble pop. Dipping the wands and agitating them in the mix seemed to lessen the bubble creating effectiveness; and some were just way too close to the wand, bursting the new bubbles with pursed lips! But the children were wonderfully persistent, and in the end, we had cascades of ethereal bubbles, all beautiful and fairy-like in the sunlight....

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