Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Party Fun

A sunny afternoon, a generous table spread with homemade food, and our 2013 Willmore families – some meeting for the first time, others reconnecting with old friends – what a perfect way to end the weekend, and to celebrate Easter!

Nearly all our Willmore children (and some sisters and brothers) attempted the egg and spoon races – some, very cleverly, sprinting towards the finishing line, hand over their bright eggs to stop them from falling from the spoon! But no matter the winner, or how many times little hands dropped the eggs during the race, all enjoyed a gooey chocolate Easter egg (slightly melted from the heat of the day).

 The best parts? Frosty cold iceblocks, dripping down chins and all over hands; finding as many brightly coloured sticks as possible during the egg hunt; the beautifully wrapped raffle parcels; and little friends whirling and climbing, laughing, sharing and shouting under the shade of the gum trees.

Many thanks to the Fundraising committee for organising such a lovely afternoon out; and a big thank you to all our Willmore parents for their generosity in supplying all of the wonderful raffle prizes, and for your support!


  1. Thanks to the fundraising team.
    It was a great afternoon, enjoyed by parents and children alike! A lovely chance to chat to other families and conect with new friends.

  2. We were soooo disappointed not to be able to make it along to the Easter Picnic this year! Looks like everybody had a great day!