Friday, April 19, 2013

How far can you throw a gumboot?

The best thing about sharing holiday stories at Kindy, is that great ideas are born – which is how Willmore came to host a gumboot throwing competition this morning with some eager Group B children.
Riley was lucky enough to visit a country fair on the weekend, and saw a Gumboot toss – an idea that he loved so much, that he brought back to the group. With the children keen to try out different ways to measure distance (and to see how far they could throw, of course!), Friday morning play was met with a long line of gumboots - in different shapes, colours and sizes – sticker prizes for participants, and lots of willing contestants! 

The children tried throwing them high, or low and fast; over-arm, and like a discus; with two hands and with one. It was a lot trickier than it looked! Some children helped to mark with ground with chalk where the boots landed, so that the distance could be measured once the game was done.

Everyone had a go – some more than once! 

And with all the children happy with the distance of their throw, the winner was…..

Riley! - with his boot travelling far and away further than all the rest.
Well done!

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  1. Thanks For Sharing ! Collection of Boots ! Gumboot in Australia.