Wednesday, May 8, 2013

So much to do!

There’s a chill in the air, and clouds in the sky – but our wonderful Group B children greeted the kindy week with new ideas and big imaginations. Want to take a look at what they got up to this morning?

The strong interest in planes continues – and today, Mrs. Meinicke made lots of paper planes for the children to experiment with. 

The children tested force, angles and different positions to find just the right technique that would enable them to soar high and far – some ended up with squashed noses and bent wings from lots of vigorous throwing! Do you know of a folded paper plane design that the children could experiment with?

There were detectives and spies investigating as well this morning – special treasures, phones, clues, and sketches helped frame some puzzling cases...

Downstairs, in the dappled sunshine, the artists of Group B experimented with pastels and sketched our new beautiful flowers in the communal garden beds. 

In the newly reclaimed digging garden, big trucks hauled rocks, shifted dirt, and made mountains…

And upstairs, instruments waited…

…as well as a table full of ingredients for cooking special, delicious things...

What a busy morning, Group B!

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  1. We did have a glorious day today. Thanks for capturing our day so beautifully. xxx