Thursday, May 30, 2013

Under 8's Morning

Not even rain could dampen the spirits of our enthusiastic Under 8’s, as they explored, played, made, and experimented alongside the Ferny Hills State School kids, and some local visiting high schools.
And what a lot of things to see and do!
There were baby animals to be patted, biscuits to ice and decorate, instruments to play, grass men to grow, fish to catch, and slimy goop to dip hands in (and to find creepy crawly creatures); on the oval, there was boxing, a jumping castle, aerobics – boxing style, bubble blowing, ball-through-the-hoop throwing, and a soccer game; - and best of all! A police car and fire truck for the kids to investigate. A few kids were lucky enough to speak through the radio and over the crowd, and to turn on the siren!

Inside in the hall, was the young artists dream – a series of stations for all kinds of wonderful art projects. Little ones could make beautiful fish with long crepe paper tails, threat pasta onto string for necklaces, make rock people with googly eyes and woollen hair, paint boomerangs, glue feathers and sparkly stones on paper glasses, and construct kites and paper lanterns. 

We had the most wonderful morning! Parents, what was your favourite part? What did you love discovering with your child?

Ps. For more gorgeous photos of our morning excursion, please visit the Willmore Facebook page. 

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