November 2010


I have had the most beautiful year, this year, with my son attending Willmore. He only has a few weeks left and already I feel sad at the thought that he will be leaving this beautiful, nurturing environment that he is so excited to go to each morning he attends.

The kindergarten has beautiful grounds and facilities, and excellent play/education resources. When you walk into the kindergarten there is so much beauty and warmth to be felt. I feel a real sense of belonging. Each morning, the teachers have set up something new and exciting for the children. It astounds me how much my son has learnt. And the learning is not only in the educational arena, but extends to all the tricky areas of parenting we all struggle to teach our children - sharing, listening, patience, following instructions, respect for others - just to name a few.

I truly believe none of this would be possible without the truly extraordinary skills of my son’s teachers. Linda Meinicke and Linda Fox are so interested in my son. Sometimes it feels like they are extended family because they love to talk about him as much as I do! There is such a beautiful blend and sharing between home life and kindy. It really has exceeded all my expectations. And that goes to the credit of Linda Meinicke and Linda Fox. They create this environment where everyone feels they belong and matter.

To see my son blossom as he has this year has had my heart bursting with love and joy. We all want our children to be happy, confident, learn, have friends and learn to interact with others in a respectful and compassionate way. Willmore is the perfect environment for this. This year has been a beautiful chapter in our lives; a journey of the heart for my son and I.

Group B Parent 2010

October 2010

You know your child is going to love Kindy when she doesn’t want to come home on the first day. This was the response of my daughter on her first day at Willmore with Mrs Meinicke and Mrs Fox. Every day there is something new and different to talk about. I can’t wait for the drive home each Kindy day to hear about what my child has done that day. Every day there is such excitement in her voice as she talks about Mrs Meinicke and Mrs Fox. The stories are endless, often funny and always make me feel like I have made the best decision for my child. My child truly adores these delightful women.

The teachers make every parent feel welcome and part of the Willmore Family. Always willing to discuss your child’s day, good or bad and help you solve any problems that may arise. Their caring nature is building the confidence of all children and preparing them for their years at school and beyond.

Each child can explore their own creativity and this is often displayed around the room for everyone to experience. My child also brings home the most amazing creations using a wide range of media, including painting and construction. There are also a number of photos in my child’s portfolio of her dressing up and roll playing, her favourite activity at Willmore. All these activities are encouraging a range of learning styles and learning experiences individual to each child.

Thank you so much for a wonderful year and I look forward to my two other children’s reactions on their first day and hearing their stories everyday in the car.

Group B Parent 2010

22 July 2010

Dear Judi and Linda

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful year E is having at Willmore Kindergarten. 
E loves attending Kindy and is very attached to both of you as her teachers.  She also has very close friendships with the other children.  I can tell that she regards Willmore as a home away from home.  The atmosphere at the Kindy is warm and friendly, positive and inclusive.

There is a very high standard of teaching at Willmore, but it is not done in a detached and academic way.  Excellent results are achieved within the context of love, nurture and encouragement.  The affection that the children have for you both is evidence of the love and care that is shown toward them.  It is obvious that you are totally committed to your teaching of the children and are passionate about early childhood education.
I appreciate the feedback that we receive via our daughter's own portfolio and the class journal which keeps us informed about what the children have been doing and the relevant educational outcomes of these activities.  The portfolio will also serve as a record and memory of special times that E had at Willmore.
I am pleased that I chose to send my child to a Kindergarten which has its focus on child-centred and child initiated activities, which although structured, are organised with flexibility to allow each child to develop at his or her own pace.

However, an outstanding aspect of our time at Willmore has been the commitment and enthusiasm that you have shown in acknowledging E's multi-cultural heritage.  This has been achieved through actively discussing and experiencing Chinese language, music, food and traditional dress.  This has benefited our daughter by giving her pride in her heritage, but it has also given the other children exposure to another culture.
Once again, thank you for making this year a highlight of E's early education.  It is one that we will look back on with much affection.

2010 Parent Group A
(Identities have been removed for privacy reasons).

This Poem was delivered to Kindy today from a 2009 Mum who on seeing the article in the local paper was inspired to share her memories of her child's year at Willmore.

Fond memories of Willmore I would like to share,
It starts with Judi and Linda's kind, loving supportive care.

The year began with a little girl with a huge bag on her back,
Smiles from ear to ear when she saw home corner, craft and knick knacks.

I would drop her off to a second family I felt,
To see her have such a great time made my heart melt.

My favourite part was staying for the day
Then you realise, what a great place to play

There's star of the week and a poster is made
Then at lunch the star makes sure the table is laid.

The important job of ringing the bell
and standing up with your poster for show and tell.

There was a special day for family to come
the children so proud to have a picnic with Mum.

Then Dad's had a night at kindy too,
the children loved to show them what they do.

Grandparents also got their turn
what a wonderful place for their grandkids to learn.

Building Waterfalls was their learning guide,
A keepsake folder with all their memories inside.

Words can't express what the year meant to me,
The tears in our eyes at the end for all to see.

That this is a very special place in every kindy kids heart,
We take that with all of us as we part.

I am sure the 2009 families would agree
That this is the kindy where you want to be.

My little girl has now closed her folder
The year saw her grow taller, confident and bolder.

I'm sad to think it has all come to an end
but I have another precious little girl
I can't wait to send.

Tiarna's Mummy
Thanks for the Memories

Willmore was my first choice for my son M as it is a community run kindergarten.  Since it is a non-profit organisation, every cent they receive is for the benefit of the kids' education.  It is already half way through the year, but I still clearly remember how excited I felt when I opened the warm welcoming letter from Judi and Linda.  We are lucky to have such great educators at Willmore, who dedicate their heart and soul to their job.  I have loved watching M's transformation in such a short time, from my quiet clingy little guy to a sociable and inquisitive jolly camper.  The rich and fun learning environment at Willmore has enabled my son to explore, discover and learn through playing.  I feel grateful that I picked the right kindergarten for M and I am definitely recommending it to my family members and friends.

Group A Parent 2010